Honda “Paper”



This wonderfully distinct two-minute Honda spot, with RESET’S PES and agency RPA, tells Honda’s entire history though an intricate and seamless paper-flipping journey. VFX Supervisor Andy Rafael Barrios and the a52 team took a 4 month journey with PES and RPA.   The film was devised using CG to create the models at perfect spec and scale for illustration of over 3,000 images by PES and his team.   Previz for the planning of the 2 minute “single camera” journey lasted 6 weeks and included creation of a to scale planning board for the journey and all of the stops along the way.  From layout, image design and sizing, through camera moves and transitions, the process of collaborating with PES to tackle the many technical challenges on this undeniably unique spot was a wonderfully organic and collaborative process.

After months of planning, PES and his team of illustrators and animators shot the film 100% practically using stop motion and paper folding techniques, featuring thousands of hand-drawn illustrations from various artists. In post, a52 helped with the stitching of passes to help the piece to feel as it does – a singular and seamless journey through Honda’s history of innovation and design.

The spot has garnered countless awards including Cannes Gold, AICP, AICE Best In Show.  The spot was added to the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art as well as  the Musee de la Publicite, the world’s first museum dedicated to advertising.  which is situated in the Palais Du Louvre.