Hope you enjoyed the game….and the ads…in this year’s Super Bowl. Here’s the list of our studios’ SB LII work:

Amazon “Alexa Loses Her Voice” / RPS Editor: Christjan Jordan


Amazon Jack Ryan “Brave” / Jax Editor: Stephanie Krall / a52 Color: Paul Yacono


Blackture “Be Celebrated” / RPS Editor: Chris Mitchell


Doritos “Blaze” / RPS Editor: Damion Clayton


First Bank “Saving Is In Style” / a52 Color: Paul Yacono


Justin Timberlake “Say Something” / a52 Color: Paul Yacono


Lexus “Long Live the King” / RPS Editor: Adam Pertofsky


Toyota “Mobility Anthem” / a52 VFX Sup: Urs Furrer


Verizon “Answering the Call” / RPS Editor: Ted Guard and Mikkel EG Nielsen / a52 Color Paul Yacono


Westworld “Beautiful World” / Jax Editor: Ali Comperchio / a52 VFX Sup: Patrick Murphy / a52 Color: Paul Yacono