Nike “Possibilities”

AGENCY: Wieden + Kennedy

DIRECTOR: Nicolai Fuglsig

a52 commemorated 25 Years of “Just Do It” by collaborating with Wieden+Kennedy and MJZ’s Nicolai Fugslig on an epic :90 spot that celebrates the Nike spirit….and what it feels like to beat the pros. Working with a seamless cut by Angus Wall that follows six stories of young athletes reaching the pinnacle of their abilities, a52 created a myriad of VFX – ranging from the CG fireflies that accompany a runner on her morning jog to an explosive hollywood action sequence and of course adding the massive crowds cheering on Pique, Serena and Lebron. “Working on a project that everyone had such a passion for was so exciting,” commented VFX Supervisor and lead flame artist Andy McKenna. “Everything about this spot was about topping what people have seen before – and defying expectations.”