Nike Golf “Moments”

AGENCY: Wieden+Kennedy

DIRECTOR: Max Malkin

Always up for a challenge – we definitely found ourselves looking for creative solutions when Wieden & Kennedy + Max Malkin brought the latest Nike Golf project our way. The goal was to take some the great moments in recent tournament golf and strip the crowds away to experience the contrast between the serenity of the golf course and the excitement that comes with the tournament and the crowds.

The process was turned upside down as shots were picked and edited ahead of shooting – then came the fun part. Lead artist Jesse Monsour explains “We faced most of the challenges during production when we were shooting plates to match the stock footage exactly. We were able to get fairly close in camera but not perfect. We had to make a lot of adjustments in Flame to match up the shots more precisely. The next challenge was in the fact that these new plates we shot were incredibly clean, high-resolution images from a RED Epic camera. The stock footage was from various sources shot on cameras that aren’t meant to capture images nearly as clean and crisp. We had to play around a lot to find a look that would marry the two separate images so that the stock footage wouldn’t feel so cut out against these super clean backgrounds.”