Apple “The Archivist”

AGENCY: Media Arts Lab

DIRECTOR: Michael Spiccia

A beautifully kept and curated moment can add its own emotional layers to photos we’re fond of. This spot for Apple, entitled “The Archivist” highlights a new feature on the iPhone called Memories, which curates the best images from a time period, then weds them to music to create emotional films. The spot follows a solitary archivist in a beautiful building, the kind of place that feels untouched by time and pregnant with secrets. Old film reels are stacked on shelves, and long file cabinets pull out of shallow walls.

It’s a space literally filled with memories—photos and negatives that move on their own, silent snapshots of life playing out under the man’s gentle gaze. In silence, he curates and frames, pressing letters from an old printing press, editing films from a device operated by a foot pump. He is the Archivist “inside” our phone.

Directed by Michael Spiccia of MJZ, with Media Arts Lab, the a52 team was led by VFX Supervisor Andy McKenna.