“Moving Day”


DIRECTOR: Andreas Nilsson

Jeff Goldblum takes us on a fun spin inspired by the 70s classic TV show “The Jeffersons”. “We’re movin’ on up…”
and up and up and up to the penthouse where we find George (Washington) and Weezy (rapper Li’l Wayne’s nickname) as they do some grilling on the penthouse patio (Weezy grilling some burgers and George “grilling some beans my good man”). Every scene that takes place once Jeff hops onto his piano was shot on stage against green screen with a52’s VFX Supervisor Jesse Monsour and team adding everything in post, including Jeff’s friend the (CG) Sea Gull. It’s a fun spot and perfect Super Bowl chuckle. Many thanks to 2016 DGA Award winning Director Andreas Nilsson and our friends at RPA for partnering with a52 once again.